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Africlear featured on CNBC Africa after sounding The Nigerian Stock Exchange closing bell

Africlear featured on CNBC Africa


Africlear featured on KTN Live TV "Improving Security Markets"

Africlear featured on KTN Live TV



About Us

Supporting securities market infrastructure development across the African capital markets

Africlear was formed to facilitate the identification, acquisition, installation and maintenance of industry-leading, best-in-class securities market infrastructure, practices and protocols across the African continent. The company’s mission is to:

  • Diversify and expand the current offering of depository services within Africa
  • Increase and create new revenue streams for Africlear Members
  • Work to reduce transaction costs and improve efficiencies across the African capital markets
  • Facilitate improved access to the African capital markets - both domestically and internationally
  • Stimulate cross-border financial markets activity and coordination
  • Support and increase the collective bargaining power of Africlear Members
  • Create employment opportunities for Africlear Members
  • Support empowerment and respect the sovereignty of Africlear Members

By pooling resources for costly securities market infrastructure, Africlear Members can more readily acquire critical systems and technology. As such, Africlear Members can more effectively harmonize processes and procedures which will in turn reduce regulatory costs, fuel product innovation and increase market depth.

  • South Africa +27 11 243 9064
  • USA +1 203 409 3953

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