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Africlear featured on CNBC Africa after sounding The Nigerian Stock Exchange closing bell

Africlear featured on CNBC Africa


Africlear featured on KTN Live TV "Improving Security Markets"

Africlear featured on KTN Live TV



Market Infrastructure

Improving market efficiency, expanding depth and breadth of service

There exists a large disparity between the current systems offered by various depositories operating across the African continent. African CSDs are confronted with extensive volumes of technology and costly expertise acquisition to meet the growing demands of an increasingly sophisticated global investor base. Africlear is committed to assisting Members during the system identification and acquisition phase. In so doing, we stand ready to assist on matters such as:

  • Preparing and submitting well-defined and highly defensible value propositions
  • Advising on the investment and operational issues associated with system acquisition
  • Advising on the regulatory and compliance issues associated with service roll-out
  • Reviewing the relevant purchase and service level agreements and advising accordingly
  • Reviewing and advising on licensing conditions imposed by relevant regulatory authorities
  • Providing counsel and support to directors and board members so they may exercise independence and sound judgment when presiding over administrative and corporate governance related issues
  • Liaising with local staff, internal counsel and external regulators as required
  • Liaising with technology vendors, service providers, and related third-parties as required

Following the system identification and acquisition phase, Africlear assists in maintaining an overriding policy of compliance with all applicable statutes, rules, regulations and prudent business practices relating to system installation and integration. Given the numerous operational challenges that accompany installation and integration of new technology, ongoing system maintenance is a critical prerequisite to in-depth risk assessment and decision making. The importance of working collaboratively with like-minded partners is therefore of paramount importance.

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  • USA +1 203 409 3953

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