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Africlear featured on CNBC Africa after sounding The Nigerian Stock Exchange closing bell

Africlear featured on CNBC Africa


Africlear featured on KTN Live TV "Improving Security Markets"

Africlear featured on KTN Live TV



Why Africlear

Delivering technology solutions and securities market infrastructure to the African financial services industry

Africlear ensures that central security depositories (CSDs) and other participants operating across the African capital markets have access to industry-leading applications and expertise. Across the globe, increased regulation has resulted in reduced competition and the potential for rapid growth in CSD market share. We offer best-in-class technology designed to offer a complete range of depository functions which in turn lead to reduced operating costs with less risk and greater efficiency.

Africlear provides its member CSDs with the tools to more successfully attract institutional capital. By implementing best-in-class procedures and practices, Africlear ensures that its members are well positioned to benefit from attractive sources of future revenue, such as:

  • Central Real-Time Gross Settlement
  • Auction & Electronic Trading Platform
  • Corporate Actions Processing
  • Smart Access & Routing
  • Automated Billing & Payment Processing
  • Clearing & Fund Transfer Services
  • Liquidity & Collateral Management
  • Tax Calculation & Collection

By pooling resources for costly securities market infrastructure, Africlear allows African CSDs to more readily acquire and maintain critical systems and technology. This facilitates cross-border harmonisation of processes and procedures, resulting in reduced regulatory costs, increased product innovation and greater market depth. By facilitating the successful integration of information systems, Africlear further reduces monitoring and screening costs whilst allowing CSDs to better mitigate systemic risk.

  • South Africa +27 11 243 9064
  • USA +1 203 409 3953

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